clinic calendar 

JAN 23
CAPE TOWN, SA w. Ben Proffitt - TBC 2023
Wave Riding and Jumping* 
FEB 23
EL MEDANO, Tenerife 
- Advanced Wave clinic - 5-12 Feb
- Intro to Waves and Jumping Control - 12-19 Feb
MAR 23
EL MEDANO, Tenerife
- Water Women - 20-27 March
APR 23
BAJA, Mexico
- Pure Wave Riding  - 2-16 April 
MAY 23
EL MEDANO, Tenerife
- Fit to Fly Wing Clinic - TBC
JUN 23
EL MEDANO, Tenerife
- Fit to Fly Wing clinic - TBC
EL MEDANO, Tenerife 
- Intro to Waves and Jumping Control - TBC 
- Advanced Wave clinic - TBC
AUG 23
EL MEDANO, Tenerife
- Intro to Waves and Jumping Control - TBC
- Advanced Wave clinic - TBC
SEP 23
- Advanced wave multisport - 16-23 September
- Advanced wave multisport - 23-30 September 
OCT 23
- Advanced wave TBC
NOV 22
EL MEDANO, Tenerife
- Swell Surf & Downwing clinic - 5-12 November 
DEC 22
JERI, Brazil 
- Intro to Waves and Jumping Control - 4-11 December

All clinics run Saturday to Saturday with 6 days of coaching from Sunday to Friday. 


Coaching prices start from £300 per week.


For all of our wave clinics an ability to plane in the straps on a short board and waterstart is essential.


*For Advanced wave and wave riding and jumping clinics in Moulay, Cape Town and Cabezo (El Medano) previous wave sailing experience is advisable, this includes the ability to launch through waves and waterstart in swell and recover kit in the waves.


If you are unsure which clinic will best suit your needs please contact us via email to or give us a call on +34619393601 and we will be happy to chat and help you decide on the best clinic for you.

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