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el medano,


"starting in waves this was the perfect clinic"



Dates: 13-18 March 23

             24-29 July 23 

             19-24 August 23 @ Cabezo


Dates:  27 Feb - 4 March 23

              25-30 March 23 

              10-15 July 23

              14-19 August 23 

The Place: El Medano is a charming village with a real surfy, laidback atmosphere, great food and most importantly epic sailing. It is an extremely popular windsurfing destination and it’s not hard to see why.  Spanish bars, restaurants and surf shops line the harbour and boardwalk, which is always quietly busy with people making use of the public exercise equipment and tranquil spots for some morning yoga.

Coaching: Coaching runs for 6 days at a cost of 500€ per week.

Intro to waves - On this clinic we coach from first time out in the waves right up to aerials and jump variations. 

Each March one week of the clinics will be a dedicated WSC Water Women clinic where Lizzie Baillie will run a ladies group.  For more information about our Water Women clinics please click here

Advanced waves - This clinic will be focussed on jumping manoeuvres, from forwards to back and push loops.  Also onshore wave riding technique, improving bottom and top turns.

Insurance: Insurance: We recommend VDWS insurance for all of our clinics, they charge an annul premium of 39 Euro and cover you worldwide for windsurfing and other sports and are totally worth it! Click here for more....


Intro to waves - we ask that you are able to sail a wave board, be comfortable in the harness and footstraps and waterstart


Advanced Wave - you should be able to comfortably sail in waves head to logo high, launch and land through shore break, already jumping and wave riding and looking to start jumping manoeuvres and improve riding.

conditions: There are 3 sailing spots catering for different abilities from learning to wave sail up to throwing aerials and big loops.  Launching and sailing off the main beach offers a great teaching area and playground for those learning to launch and get comfortable in the waves, the harbour wall provides a step up and some good wave riding and jumping.  During the intro to waves week we will be sailing in the Bay and perhaps at the Wall. 

Finally there is Cabezo beach just around the corner is a little more extreme and even hosts a PWA wave event during the summer months. This is where the advanced wave course will be held, with the option of also sailing at the Harbour Wall at low tide.

Travel: Flights are pretty cheap with lots of airlines, you fly to Tenerife South airport from most British airports. Once you arrive, Medano is only 10 minutes by taxi from the airport and costs around 10 – 15 Euros

wscmedanoweek1. - 4.jpg

kit and accommodation: 


TWS Windsurf who have a great selection of different equipment. The price for one week hire is 411€

Duotone Pro Center who of course only offer Duotone/ Fanatic.  The price for one week is 420€

Ocean Calling Tenerife who offer the latest Simmer Style Equipment including carbon booms at a cost of 380€ per week or last years equipment which is a mix of RRD and Simmer for 290€


Equipment storage options:

DPC and TWS both offer equipment storage facilities starting at 60€ per week.


Godzillas Surf Shop who rent Goya equipment.  At this center you will chose your board for average conditions of 25 knots and rig you own sails each day.  The price for one week is 290€ with all boom or 325€ with carbon super skinny boom.  You will also have access to surf, SUP, lightwind and wing equipment. 

Surf Hub Tenerife who are a pro Severne center with all the latest Severne equipment rigged and ready to go.  The price for one week Is 374€

Equipment storage options:

If you would prefer to bring your own, is also available for 35€ per week with Godzilla

Accommodation options:

There are a wide variety of apartments available, we recommend Medano4you who offer a great selection and excellent service.   You can email 


For hotel accommodation KN Hotel Arenas del Mar is located directly at the spot, and we always recommend bed and breakfast as we will eat out a few nights a week as a group and the food in town is really good and very reasonably priced.


There are also some good hostels in town, Casa Grande or Ashavana.

Please note that this is really busy time of year in Medano and early booking is advised to secure your kit and accommodation.  


Check out the weather conditions

what else to bring: We will as always being doing plenty of video coaching sessions, so be sure to bring a BIG USB to take home all of your footage.

currency: Euro

Average cost of a beer: 1 Euro for a small beer!

Average cost of a steak dinner: 12 Euros

Temp: During March the average daytime temperature is around 25 degrees, and the water is a bit cooler after winter, so a wetsuit is definitely recommended, a long summer suit or a shortie (for the more hardy amongst you).  Also the evenings can be a bit chilly so it’s worth packing a hoody and some jeans.

In summer the daytime temperature is around 30 degrees but the wind can still be cool.  Most riders wear at least a summer 2mm shorty, some will sail in just board shorts.  We recommend bringing a wetsuit as we will spend a lot of time on the water and on the beach. Even during summer it's always good to have at least one hoody for the windy nights!

What else the town offers: Cycling, both road and mountain biking is big here so pack your lycra if that’s your thing.  There are also lots of excursions such as trekking mount Teide or the giant water park; Siam Park in Las Americas.

1 week coaching: 500€

1 week kit/accom: 600-750

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