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Making the best of Jeri 2018

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Jeri is hands down the most consistently windy place in the world that we run our clinics, but this year not only was it that unlucky ‘1-in-10’ year where the rain comes, but it came early! For the first time ever I was scared of starting the clinic as it was raining and there was no wind – I have never seen it before.

I really didn’t think I would ever have to pull out my “Plan B” but you gotta do what you gotta do. We pack up the trailer with all the kit, which was only possible as Jeri250 very kindly let us take their gear on our travels, and went wind hunting up and down the coast. We worked with Eduardo and his team at Tico Wind and they helped us find the perfect conditions.

On our first day we went down to a little wave sailing spot, with cross off, down-the-line conditions and scored on the wind, all sailing half a metre to a metre smaller than the guys sailing in the bay in Jeri and catching some nice waves.

Day two we went even further to a place called Guriú and pitched up at an incredible pusada called Casa Uca. We started the day with our briefing around a stunning infinity pool before hopping on a boat to take us to the spot. Guriú is a cross on jumping spot and the guys went straight out there with some nice big jumps. Big shout out to João, Galen, Luke and Ollie who were sending it. Everywhere I looked they were throwing forwards and backloops and the rest of the team were giving it some as well. Everyone was sailing full power on 4.7 and yet the wind was still super light in Jeri. After a banging day on the water, we had a fabulous dinner at Casa Uca, where the French chef was awesome, serving up Michilin quality food. The combination of the location, the pousada and the conditions really made it a perfect day.

The next day, what could we do? Of course we went back for more of the same at Casa Uca in Guriú. Another full power day of jumping and great hospitality.

For the few days following that the forecast changed a bit so we decided to stay in Jeri on standby and went down to the wave spot there. The last day we really couldn’t get on the water with the wind, but all in all for such an odd season in Jeri we did really well: We had an awesome time, found some new spots and definitely made the most of what was on offer with a great group of guys and gals.

For 2019 we will be back but will chose to base ourselves further down on the point and run the clinic in association with Eduardo and the guys at Tico Wind, they were a massive help this year and they really have all the knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure we have a great time!

Big thanks to Jeri250 for all their behind the scenes work, helping many of our guests arrange their transfers, accommodation and supplying their kit rental. Also for being super cool and letting us take the kit out of Jeri. Massive thanks to Colin Allen for assisting me on the beach and serenading us with great live music at dinner time. Also thank you to everyone on the course; Lior, João, Galen, Luke, Ollie, Maisie, Ali, Dave, Howie, Andy, Alex, Max and Matias for making the last clinic of 2018 a brilliant one – now time to recover before the Christmas celebrations!


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