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Perfect Conditions and Forward Loops in Moulay, Morocco 2018

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

What a fantastic trip this was, wind and waves every single day!

Last year we didn’t score the most optimum conditions, we have massive waves everyday and the only day of wind was 3.7 whether… not an ideal intro to Moulay. Never-the-less we decided to give Moulay another go as we know how great it can be and with such an awesome host as Boujamaa what can go wrong? Absolutely nothing; man, did it shine!

On our first day it could not have been better; comfortable size waves and sailing 4.2s. The crew were fantastic; we had James, John, Petter and Eric, quite a few of them were new to Windsurf Coaching and I can’t wait to coach them again. All four guys were on a mission to forward, so we spent the first two days doing some ‘intro to wave’ sessions, catching some waves and getting their jumping control honed and ready for “send it Tuesday”, and boy, did they send it! Each guy had 3 runs to attempt one forward. John went out, first run - Boom! First attempt, second run - Boom! Second attempt, setting the bar high for the others!

I was so impressed by all of the team, they all went out and gave it their all, I have never seen such enthusiasm and determination in one single session, hats off to the guys! One of the reasons why a clinic format works so well for learning something like the forward loop is that camaraderie between the guys and gals helping to boost each other and, at times, the competitive nature of some of us!

James was awarded sailor of the day, as he did sail out of his first loop, after wanting to land them for over 30 years! The other guys also did unbelievably well, they were a little unlucky, but they are also so close and have finished the clinic knowing that firstly, forwards aren’t actually that scary and secondly, that they are on their way to having them in the bag. For me, as a coach, that is what I thrive on, seeing people improving and watching the buzz they get from it.

Not only did we focus on forwards but we had some lovely wave riding conditions as well and we tuned and tweaked the guys technique so there were some very happy windsurfers at the end of the week.

The hosting at BoujX House was perfect, the Moroccan people are so nice and the food was bountiful and very tasty. The house has it’s own chef who prepared us breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was always different and ideal after a long day on the water.

Thanks to all the guys at the centre, they are super friendly, always on hand to help and extremely talented and great to watch on the water. Boujamaa himself was around from the middle of the week and as usual he is always awesome to hang out with.

Of course we will be returning next year and I can’t wait to score those conditions again. I hope to see the same guys back again with their forwards dialed and we can start on the backies!


For all the information for our next clinic in Moulay click here

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