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Stunning Ireland 2017

The last time I was in Ireland was in 2000 and I had always wanted to go back so when Jamie Knox invited me over to run a clinic at Brandon Bay I jumped at the chance and we were not disappointed.

It is always best to have your own transport as Brandon Bay has a number of spots, which work in different swell and wind directions, so it’s a ferry trip and cross country drive, which is magical enough in itself. Ireland is so beautiful; driving to the west coast you encounter such stunning scenery, with its greenery and then gorgeous beaches.

We stayed right at Brandon Bay, our accommodation was perfect, we arranged some cottages that were just ideal, all 3 bedrooms (two doubles and one twin), spacious, great heating, hot showers and very reasonable at a price of 380 Euro per cottage per week.

Each morning we would make our way down to Jamie’s shop and see Jeremy who would point us in the right direction as to which spot would be best for the day, with all the locations within a 30 minute radius.

We were blessed with some epic conditions; the first two days were windless but perfect SUPing conditions with lines and lines of waves. For all the guys on the course it was their first time SUPing in waves and by day two they were really getting it, catching waves and trying to turn the board.

The wind kicked in on day three and we went to a place called Inch Beach, around 30 minutes from Brandon Bay and it was sick! For a start you can park on the beach, the waves were consistently pumping mast high, the wind went cross-shore, I was sailing an 86 litre board and 5.0 sail and it was tonnes of fun. Definitely some of the biggest waves my guys had been out in and they all did so well and had some great wave rides.

The next day we had a SUP in the morning and then some wind kicked in in the afternoon for some pure down the light action!

The last day was one of the best days ever with solid logo high waves, line after line as far as you could see making them so easy to catch. The wind was a little off shore and gusty on the inside but after the guys’ training they had no problems getting out and catching waves on every run.

Ireland gets the full 5 stars, it was even pretty warm, none of my water proof clothing made an appearance on the beach and I sailed mostly in my Ion 4:5 spring suit.

We will 100% be returning next year, I am just finalizing dates with Jamie Knox (we are also planning a week in Northern Ireland).


For all the information for our next clinic in Brandon Bay click here

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