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The Childhood Dream; Baja, Mexico 2017

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Since I first got in to wave sailing (so perhaps not a child, but close enough) we used to watch this VHS video of “Surface Tension”, Ian Boyd does the longest bodydrag anyone has ever witnessed, he just keeps going and going along this epic wave. We couldn’t believe our eyes and once we found out it was Baja, Mexico, it became the dream to sail there.

The most amazing thing for me is that that place on the old VHS is still exactly the same, it hasn’t changed in about 25 years, it hasn’t become commercial or busy, so it is perfect, empty wave after empty wave.

We began our trip flying to San Diego then on a little island hopper that flew us down to Baja. That is an adventure in itself; on this tiny plane, you fly over the campsite at the spot, that is just in the middle of nowhere and run completely on solar panels. Myself and my three guys, Jeremy, David and Phillip were like excited little kids as we landed. As we made our way to the camp we came over this hill to the view of perfect waves forming off a point break.

As soon as we arrived we had a quick bite to eat and straight on the water, with the very first wave I caught handing me eight bottom turns, I knew this was going to live up to all expectations and make it to the top of my favourite destinations list.

If your goal is to learn to wave ride I can honestly say this is the place to be, there is no better spot that I have found on that tack (port tack riding). The wind blows cross-off, so you gun along on a broad reach and chose your section to hit where the wave peaks along its kilometer and half length. The fact that with each run in you will catch a wave with the potential to try minimum five turns, right up to a maximum of twenty turns means you waste no time improving and learning. The progression of the guys on this clinic was really incredible, they really did go from zero to hero in about 3 days and understandably are already booked up for next years clinic in April, at the beginning of the season. Also during our stay there were around 15 other people camping and sailing there, meaning that throughout the day the water was never busy. Even with the centre at maximum capacity of 30 guests, with a wave that long and that consistent the water will never feel busy.

Something that was quite a difference for us all was that there is no wifi, so it was hard to keep up with any business etc but actually it made it perfect and allowed us all to fully relax and enjoy the trip even more without the pressure or the stresses of modern life!

The centre is set up so well with everything you could need; Goya, Quattro and RRD boards, and Goya and Ezzy sails, all on carbon booms and correct masts. They also have a massive selection of SUP and surfboards, for all levels and wave sizes.

The campsite itself is set up and run by a guy called Kevin and his dream team, including the beach manager, Joey Sanchez (4thin IWT), they all did a fabulous job making us feel welcome. The total cost of the trip may not seem cheap but all food, drink etc is included and well worth it with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus food available in between and a 24 hour bar serving alcohol or non alcoholic drinks (I thought I would be losing weight on this trip but the food was so good, and endless in supply, that I put on some pounds!) Also bookings made before Christmas will receive a 600$ discount!


For all the clinic information for next year please click here

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